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Management Team


Director & President 

Houston Natural Resources Corp

Frank Kristan has more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. He became the President of Ludvik Capital, Inc and its successor Ludvik Holdings, Inc in 2005 that provides advisory services to private and public companies and is focused on making investments to increase revenues and portfolio value. Ludvik provides long-term equity and debt investment capital to fund growth, acquisitions and recapitalizations of small and middle-market companies in a variety of industries primarily located in the U.S. He was formerly the President and CEO of Patriot Advisors, Inc.primarily on companies in the energy, technology, telecommunications and internet related industries. Mr. Kristan earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from University of Western Australia.

Donald H. Goree

Chairman & C.E.O

Houston Natural Resources, Inc

Donald H. Goree has over 40 years’ experience in oil and gas industry involving exploration and production, oil and gas pipeline construction and operations, natural gas gathering, processing and gas liquification. Mr. Goree served as Chairman and Chief Executive officer of Azur Holdings Corp, Managing Director of Reliance IB Fund LLC, and Chairman / CEO of Global Xchange Solutions AG. Mr. Goree has over 35 years’ experience in commercial and Investment Banking.

Donald W. Orr


Houston Natural Resources, Inc

Donald W. Orr is a degreed geologist with over 42 years of experience in the petroleum geology and production operations. Mr. Orr has drilled over 250 wells with a success rate exceeding 70%and worked over or rejuvenated more than 200 wells as owner and operator. Mr. Orr formerly held a position with Seven Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Weatherford International in 2005, where he pioneered numerous innovations in UBD (underbalanced drilling). Mr. Orr additionally founded XNP Resources.

David Elks

Manager and President

HNR Oil Services LLC

David Elks has over 35 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. Mr. Elks has built, installed, and operated multiple oil and gas processing plants and facilities in and outside of the US, including but not limited to, crude oil topping plants, pipe line products recycling, drilling waste recycling, and waste oil recycling plants. Mr. Elks has owned and operated several oil service companies, supervising work-over rigs and machine shops; also Mr. Elks has supervised oil field mechanics and roustabout crews related oil field gathering facilities. Mr. Elks owned and operated multiple oil and gas fields.